What My Clients Say

Fast, Profitable Exit

"Bryan helped us prepare and sell our business in 6 months instead of the 3-5 years other advisors told us it would take. And we built a lasting friendship in the process. Bryan puts people first."

-Al Carter Fitness Industry Pioneer

Decisions with Foresight

"Bryan helps me see the impact of today's decisions far down the road--and he's consistently right. Don't make another business decision without his direction. He has your back."

-Richard Hooper Logistics Veteran & Innovator

Growth in a Down Industry

"We grew 20+% year over year under Bryan's direction while most owners in our industry were losing ground! We are very grateful for his experience and insights. Bryan cares about his clients."

-Cori Wright Specialty Retailer

Timeless Advice

"I've worked with Bryan since 2005. His principle-based approach to growing businesses is timeless and effective in a world of rapidly changing tactics that confuse most business owners. Engage Bryan. Then listen to him."

-Larry Stevenson International Trainer of 1,700+ Audiences

Expansive Vision

"When I brought Bryan in, I wanted help regaining lost ground from the recession. He helped me see beyond revenues to why I was in business and opened up a much larger vision that has me making many times the money I did before the recession and living my dreams while working less."

-Doyl Peck Producer, Publisher, & Channel Authority

Orchestration Master

"Bryan sees far down the road, connects dots others don't see, then orchestrates feasible plans that make things happen. Engaging Bryan doesn't cost you, it's an investment with a real ROI."

-Dave Hinckley Construction Professional & Growth Expert

Extraordinary Insights

"If I had one-tenth the intelligence Bryan has, I would have been a millionaire many years earlier and retired long before I did."

-Stan Rey 40-Year Serial-Parallel Entrepreneur

Endless Talents

"Every time I interact with Bryan, I discover another insight or talent he has. His suggestions for our website increased leads by 600% in one week. His 'VEVA Matrix' changed the way we have conversations, boosting our closing rate significantly."

-Ryan Hutchins Top-Ranked National Business Valuator

Newfound Confidence

"When I met Bryan many years ago, I knew the nuts and bolts of my family busness, but I didn't know what I didn't know. Now I make informed business decisions that consistenly bring the results I want and am confident in my upcoming retirement plans."

-Chris Stevenson 35-Year Publishing Executive

A Few More of My Clients

My approach to building strong businesses and helping business owners reach their goals and live their dreams is principle-based and works across industry lines.

I've helped companies and organizations as diverse as banks, retailers, universities, entertainment conglomerates, consultants, software developers, fine art institutions and more transform their businesses and live their visions.

These logos represent just a sampling of the parties with whom I have had the privelege of working.

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No pressure. No hype. Life's too short for that. I only work with clients when we both see a meaningful fit.  

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