My Story

Like many who arrive at a point in their careers they choose to share the magic behind the curtain they have discovered along their path, after 30 years of strategic business building, I've chosen to shift my focus to sharing my game-changing sales secrets (known as The Art of Credibility™) on a larger scale.


Because I know, from first-hand experience, how important it is to be a confident, consistent closer if you are going to succeed in any pursuit that requires you to wear both the sales hat and the fulfillment hat.

I began my career in the startup and turnaround space, later adding next-stage growth to the lineup. I've owned, partnered in, and mentored clients in industries as diverse as manufacturing, B2B services, and hospitality--just to name a few--having successfully driven growth in hundreds of companies across dozens of industries.

My first business venture was door-to-door sales. I was eight years old.

By the time I was 10, I was an island boy at my father’s full-service station, winning sales competitions as I sold oil changes, air filters, and wiper blades to gas-buying clients.

In the late ‘70s I started my first mail order business—writing copy for small classified ads and having drop-shippers fulfill my orders. (Why did I ever stop doing that?)

I ran my first successful turnaround of an industrial manufacturing company in my 30s, and crashed and burned before I was 40, having started, owned, built, and sold a number of businesses at that point.

Now in my 50s, I have owned and built businesses in a number of industries (check out my LinkedIn profile for details), mentored clients to transform their visions into realities, and created sales, marketing, and management training I’ve shared with national audiences.

Along the way, many clients asked me to train their salespeople. "I'm not a sales trainer," was my response for many years.

Then I realized something...

My approach to sales is meaningfully different from how most people see the sales role, comfortable for people who don't want to be seen as salespeople, and far more effective at closing deals than traditional sales tactics.

So I started training some teams.

I've now developed a delivery system for my training that combines online, self-paced elements with weekly, live mentoring, which allows me to offer this career-changing training to a much larger audience at a fraction of the investment for my one-on-one mentoring.

If you're interested in doubling (tripling, or more) your closing rate while taking the discomfort and anxiety out of selling, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

The quick-read e-book is free. (See below.) Your initial training is free. Some people double their closing rate just from these first two, easy steps.

Join me on this journey, won't you? I look forward to seeing you soar.



7 Mindset Shifts That Can Double Your Closing Rate

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 7 Mindset Shifts That Can Double Your Closing Rate (While Taking the Anxiety & Discomfort Out of Selling)

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