Marketing Demystified

Why is marketing such a mystery to so many people?

From definitions of the term itself, to what "works," there seem to be more questions out there than there are answers when it comes to marketing.

The 7 Pillars of Successful Marketing takes a systematic approach to marketing that allows marketing professionals and novices alike to:

• Know exactly what their audience wants,

• Create the right message to incite action,

• Engage long-term strategies to ensure ongoing success,

• Create cohesive, synergistic campaigns,

• Use proven vehicles for marketing messages,

• Integrate sales (conversion) into the process, and

• Nurture long-term buyers through retention activities.

If you're tired of flavor-of-the-day marketing tactics and the noise in the marketplace caused by "marketing gurus" heralding their latest, must-use marketing gimmick, you'll appreciate the time-tested, principle-based marketing framework illuminated in The 7 Pillars of Successful Marketing.


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