You've Entered the 'Secret Door.' Welcome!

The Remaining 2, Game-Changing Benefits Are Below!

Before I share the remaining two benefits with you, please allow me to quickly introduce myself so you know who is talking to you and where I am coming from.

My name is Bryan Waldon Pope. I’m a serial-parallel entrepreneur with 35+ years, 4 exits, nine digits in client revenues, and one monumental train wreck to my credit.

I built the most profitable company in the U.S. in our sector in the highly competitive chemical and petroleum industry. I also pivoted a struggling, multi-regional company to grow into a top 1% revenue producer nationally among its 70,000+ peers.

I delivered these results and many others using the tools that provide the benefits I mentioned on the last page.

So, I’ve had some exciting wins. I have also lived through an unceremonious crash-and-burn.

It was following that slow-motion, eight-year-long financial and emotional trainwreck that I hit rock bottom. I wanted out. I was done. I knew I either had to find something wildly different from the focus I previously had or simply end it – exit this life. I considered the latter very seriously for some time.

Then I decided if I was really willing to take such a step and go past the point of no return, I had very little to lose by trying some radically different approaches to life. After all, I could always go back to 'Plan A’ if subsequent plans didn’t work out.

In my journey of complete open-mindedness (because I genuinely had nothing to lose), I discovered some truly life-changing truths – realizations that brought new levels of clarity and light into my life I had never previously experienced and also delivered the three benefits I already shared with you as a significant bonus.

I no longer have a ‘personal life’ and a ‘professional life’ to balance – I just have one, very enjoyable life. (And, as a note, I detest the term ‘work-life balance’ and see it as one of the greatest hurdles to our success and happiness.) I don’t see life the way I do because I’m financially well-off. I gained these benefits at the bottom of my financial crash. The picture I’m helping you paint is available to anyone who is ready to discover and implement the tools behind these benefits I’m sharing.

Back to the Benefits

Beyond the three benefits of…

1. not having to position myself or my brand, yet making more money than I ever did when money was my focus;

2. feeling no need – absolutely zero – to be understood by anyone (talk about a liberating place to live where I can spend my energy making a difference for others instead of worrying about myself or my own agenda); and

3. not wasting my time inviting people to do business with me, trying to rally support for initiatives on which I work (I enjoy service and nonprofit endeavors very much), or attempting to gain buy-in for any reason, anytime, for anything because I am busy accepting the invitations others extend to me to do business with them and join them in their journeys…

I also enjoy two additional benefits that are genuinely mind-blowing – and even unbelievable – to most people:

4. I get the pleasure of approaching everything, every day from a place of UNCONDITIONAL PEACE – allowing me to make meaningful decisions, ‘let the other guy win,’ simply enjoy each moment regardless of what is going on around me, and be a powerful, intentional difference maker for others. (Have I mentioned that I love people? I love people! I enjoy seeing everyone succeed at whatever is important to them.)

5. And finally, I LIVE EACH DAY AS A COMPLETELY FULFILLED LIFETIME – with no baggage from the past and no mind-crippling future-tripping about tomorrow. Imagine waking up each morning with the benefit of everything you have learned so far in your life’s journey in your toolbelt yet none of the conflict, pre-conceived notions, sour relationships, unkind words or deeds, or other negative influences to weigh you down or hinder your enjoyment of today. This is a game-changer that goes beyond words.

These two benefits can be yours along with the other three I’ve shared.

Because your journey is uniquely yours, you’ve undoubtedly created a vision in your mind of what your life can look like with these benefits in play. What stands out? What is exciting to you? Do you believe that what you envision is possible?

You’ve already entered through the ‘secret door’ and heard more about these five benefits than most people will ever know. You likely hadn’t even thought of all five of these game-changers before as possibilities.

Now that you are aware of them, what would you like to do?

When you’re ready to move forward (because it’s all about you and what you envision), invite me into your conversation. I am happy to share specific insights into these five benefits so you have a crystal-clear picture of how they work so you can apply them in your personalized journey and enjoy all the dividends they will pay you physically, mentally, emotionally, interpersonally, and financially.

And please rest assured, our visit isn’t a sales meeting. It is 100% actionable dialogue – customized to your specific needs, views, and desires.

Yes, there are those who choose to have me continue with them on their journeys following our visit. Others feel they discover enough from what we address to carry on without me. And some are so entirely perplexed at the prospect of trying to wrap their minds around what they discover that they opt to forget we ever talked. :)

Any of these three options is perfectly acceptable, and completely at your discretion.

I enjoy getting to know people who are big enough thinkers to imagine these five benefits are even possibly attainable; so, by simply visiting with you, I win regardless of what you choose to do with the insights you gain.

I look forward to receiving your invitation when you’re ready to visit. We’ll want to schedule an hour to make sure we’re not rushed.

Just let me know a couple of times you’re available in the message you send to me. Thank you,


Bryan, I'm ready. Let's talk!