More Prospects.
More Conversions.
More Retention.

Less Cost.

Big email lists.
Large social media followings.
Leading-edge digital tactics.
Hefty marketing budgets…

Too many business owners believe these are the cornerstones of market leadership.

This simply isn’t true.

I show business owners how to build market-leading companies in record time by shifting their paradigm from positioning their brands to positioning their audiences.

• My approach built the most profitable company in the entire U.S. in our sector in the highly competitive chemical and petroleum industry – on a $700/month marketing budget!

• Following the 2008 recession, I pivoted a struggling multi-regional retail chain using the same approach. That company is now in the top 1% of revenue producers nationally among its many thousands of competitors.

• This approach has produced over $160,000,000 in new revenues for my clients over the past few years.

Now it’s your turn – if you’re interested.

Claim your FREE copy of “The New Positioning Paradigm” for all the details.

In this quick-read guide, I disclose the 6 phases you can begin addressing to pivot your marketing today and be on your way to becoming a market leader.

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