Good Copy Makes Money

The right words sell.

...And the wrong words can mean all the money spent on design and distribution is wasted.

It happens often--thousands upon thousands of dollars are allocated to the purchase of online and offline ads, printing, prospecting lists, and the management of campaigns, with little thought put into the engine that is expected to drive the entire process across the finish line. Well-written copy isn't an afterthought of successful marketing efforts; it's a central focus.

My words have:

• Delivered email open rates of up to 65% (which, along with other factors, led ConstantContact to name me a Top10 email campaign performer internationally),

• Increased established response campaigns by 10x,

• Turned websites into profit centers that beat established brick-and-mortar stores,

• Liquidated idle inventory in 72 hours (after my client had tried to sell off the same inventory for months) at the same margins the client had maintained,

• ...and much more.

Before you send your next promotional email, update or launch your website, drop an expensive mail piece, or any other marketing activity that employs the written word, let's talk. I'm here to make sure your marketing speaks to your intended audience in their language, and incites them to action.

Put me to the test. Let's talk about your upcoming need and see of we mutually agree that a proper investment in good copy will boost your marketing ROI.

Just shoot a message to me using the form below.

I look forward to visiting with you!



I Want Higher Response Rates

It's amazing what good copy will do to increase response. Tell me a little bit about your upcoming needs and let's see if my copywriting can lift your response rates to the level you're seeking.

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