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Mental Stimulation for Trendsetters & Trailblazers

Hi! My name is Larry.

I’ve had the benefit of seeing what goes on in Bryan’s brain since 2005.

I discovered a marketing framework that has endured the test of time. It remains as powerful and valid today as it was all those years ago. (How many marketing insights can you say that about?)

I’ve seen his strategies become the vehicle for helping many business owners see the path to their desired outcomes, then successfully travel that path. He did the same for me, helping me redefine my industry and become the top performer nationally in my niche.

I’ve witnessed him transform everyday people who would rather fade into the background than be out front into confident closers and savvy decision-makers who are respected by their peers and make more money than they ever did before meeting Bryan.


Bryan is a relationship guy. He loves working one-on-one with people to see their visions become reality. His purpose is very clearly to help others succeed. And he has always seen this as being a one-on-one proposition.

I’ve been telling Bryan for years he needs to share his insights with the world in a bigger way. I’ve assured him there are thousands of people just like you who would love to have his direction, but who are not in a position (or not ready) to use his private services.


It only took a little over a decade, but I broke through! You can now get “The Strategy Letter” each month from Bryan, along with bonus video trainings, audio messages, and other goodies for just $19/month.

This goes beyond the content in Bryan’s courses. “Bryan’s Brain” subscribers get insights in the moment they occur; just like Bryan’s private clients. In fact, much of what he shares comes from real-world experiences he’s having in his one-on-one gigs.

This ought to be a no-brainer for you. There is no other way to get this kind of idea-generating, illuminating, thought-provoking content at such a ridiculously low price.


Join today. Get instant access to some past issues and episodes. Then tune in a few times each month as Bryan shares what is on his mind. There is always actionable direction.

And there are no long-term commitments. Cancel anytime with zero hassle. Bryan wouldn’t have it any other way.

Welcome to Bryan’s Brain!


Larry Stevenson

Client, Friend, and Advocate of Bryan

What You Get...


"The Strategy Letter"

At least once a month, Bryan shares best practices, case studies, success stories, how-to insights, and other business-building content in this exhilarating letter. This component of the subscription alone is worth far more than the subscription price.

Ask Bryan

While this subscription does not give you private access to Bryan, you do get to submit any question you have about anything for Bryan to answer in his Private Audio Notes or Bonus Video Trainings (see below).

Private Audio Notes

When Bryan has an insight, he shares it with his "insiders." These short, in-the-moment thoughts have made millions of dollars for Bryan and his clients. Come inside! Your next big idea just may be sparked by one of these insights.

Bonus Video Trainings

Bryan's standard training sessions are very worthwhile. These subscriber-only bonus trainings go beyond the content in his standard sessions and keep you up to date on opportunities, insights, practices, and tools to grow your business.

...All for just $19/month!

Coming June 2019

"Bryan's Brain" is scheduled to launch in June 2019. Get on the reservation list now and GET YOUR FIRST MONTH FREE when it launches! Just share the info below and you're in. No obligation!

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