My Story

Turnarounds, Startups, Next Stage Growth Strategies

Hi, I'm Bryan

My career has been spent in startups, turnarounds, and next-stage growth businesses. I've owned businesses, partnered, and mentored clients in industries as diverse as manufacturing, B2B services, retail, transportation, e-commerce, hospitality, and many more; having successfully driven growth in hundreds of companies across dozens of industries since 1987.

My greatest joy is found in seeing others live their dreams. I love what I do, and look forward to joining in your journey, if you choose to have me as a traveling companion.

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How I Work with Clients

My engagement process is simple and effective...

1. We visit by phone for 20 minutes to see if it appears your vision and my experience gel in a way we can see traveling the road to full realization of your desired outcome together.

2. If we pass muster with each other, you decide how quickly you want to realize your vision and I provide intensity, timeline, and investment details for your consideration.

3. You decide where to go from there. Choose the option that makes sense for YOU...including not engaging with me at all.

When we work together--whether virtually or face-to-face--you are under my care and you get my 30+ years of experience in your corner to transform your vision into reality.

I look forward to visiting with you to see what magic we might make happen in your world.

More of My Story...

My first business venture was door-to-door sales. I was eight years old.  

By the time I was 10, I was an island boy at my father’s full-service station, winning sales competitions as I sold oil changes, air filters, and wiper blades to gas-buying clients.  

In the late ‘70s I started my first mail order business—writing copy for small classified ads and having drop-shippers fulfill my orders. (Why did I ever stop doing that?)  

I ran my first successful turnaround of an industrial manufacturing company in my 30s, and crashed and burned before I was 40, having started, owned, built, and sold a number of businesses at that point.  

Now in my 50s, I have owned and built businesses in a number of industries (check out my LinkedIn profile for details), mentored clients to transform their visions into realities, and created sales, marketing, and management training I’ve shared with national audiences.

If you're not sure how I might help accelerate your success, let's visit. My strong suit is facilitating others' realizations of their opportunities and the paths to their desired outcomes. It all begins with a brief visit in which we uncover nuggets that will help you in making decisions to move forward.

Does it make sense for us to work together?

There's really only one way to find out... Let's visit by phone for 20 minutes. I'd love to hear your story and the vision you have for yourself and your business. I'll share some insights that will allow you to clearly see if our working together makes sense.  

No pressure. No hype. Life's too short for that. I only work with clients when we both see a meaningful fit.  

Go ahead. Click the button below and let's each invest a few minutes to see if our traveling together makes sense to help you fully live your vision.