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I help business owners increase revenues, maximize profits, reach their goals and dreams faster, and live lifestyles they know are available to them (but sometimes elude them in the heat of daily business battles).

What do you envision for yourself and your company? Click your areas of interest below to discover how I can assist you in making the most of your opportunities.

Put my 30+ years of business experience in your corner for a fraction of what it would cost to bring someone of my experience level in-house.

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Gain instant insights. Multiply your closing rate. Lose the anxiety.

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Engage a proven frame work. Get better results.

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See the future. Execute with confidence.

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Harness Group Genius

Discover new opportunities. Become unstoppable.

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Live Your Dream

RECLAIM and LIVE the vision you had when you started your company.

Live My Dream

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Ready to grow your business? Send a message to me to start the conversation. We'll set a mutually convenient time for a phone visit to discuss what you want to accomplish and see if we have a fit. No obligation. No pressure. No hype. Life's too short for that.

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