When we think of business-building strategies, “gratitude” most likely Thank Youdoesn’t leap to mind. I believe it belongs among the most powerful of tools for business success.

Consider for a moment some of the areas of business we regularly address when we’re striving to improve our companies. This list includes improving the customer/client experience, closing more sales, recruiting and retaining top talent, increasing team morale, creating effective strategic alliances…and the list goes on.

Even as you read that list, you probably began to consider how gratitude can boost efforts in each of those areas. It’s simply true. Feeling and expressing sincere gratitude is a turbo charger for just about any business activity. Here are a few ways to implement this truth:

Improving the Customer/Client Experience

Imagine a team of employees that understands where their paychecks come from, and who feel sincere gratitude for those who spend money with your business. Creating a culture where team members know that the client is the ultimate boss will nurture an atmosphere where clients are the recipients of expressions of heart-felt gratitude.

Closing More Sales

One of the best ways to close more sales is to sell more to repeat clients. Existing clients are more likely to become repeat clients when they know they are sincerely appreciated. Genuine displays of gratitude promote loyalty and increase revenues.

Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent &
Increasing Team Morale

We’ve all applied for jobs before. Often, we feel like a number or a commodity in that process. Employers who appreciate the time candidates are taking to apply for a position and submit to the sometimes laborious process of multiple interviews are appealing to candidates who have the most to offer. Remember, the sales job taking place in this process is a two-way street, especially in the minds of highly talented candidates. Treating all candidates with the highest of respect, and displaying true gratitude for their interest in our companies will bring the right people into our ranks. Maintaining this course with our team members will help ensure the best team members stay with us long-term.

Creating Effective Strategic Alliances

One-sided thinkers do not experience stellar success in business. When looking at strategic alliance possibilities (or working with vendors, employees, clients, etc.), be fully aware of the value the other party is bringing to the table and express gratitude appropriately for that benefit you and your company are, or will be, receiving. We tend, by default, to posture ourselves as the party bringing the most value to the table. Be objective. Step back and look at the big picture as clearly as possible. You’ll be amazed to find, in most cases, that a strategic alliance partner or other business party feels the same way we do in this regard. When we’re objective and see things from their perspective, then show gratitude for the value we are receiving, we become favored partners and reap bigger financial rewards.

This is a very brief look at just a few of the ways feeling and expressing gratitude can enhance our businesses. Hopefully it’s enough to get your mind turning on how this can apply in your situation. I know it works. I’ve witnessed it personally across industry borders, in all sizes of companies, and in multiple cultures. At the end of the day, business is about people. And people come first. Those who understand this and show gratitude to the people with whom they work are ultimately the biggest winners in business (and life, for that matter).