I am constantly amazed at people’s innovation–especially when working in teams. There are so many tools we use over and over in the same way we have always used them (which isn’t a bad thing when we’re accomplishing what we want).

But them someone steps back and looks at the same tool in a different way, and…BOOM!…something new and exciting is born.

This thought occurred to me as I watched the video below. A piano–something with which we’re all familiar–being used in a very different way. It’s fun. It’s imaginative. It’s entertaining. But for me, above all, it opened my thoughts to the many similar situations that exist in every one of our businesses.

We may be getting good use out of existing tools, processes, and so forth; but where are the breakthroughs that will raise us up above the crowd as we discover new, unique, effective applications for existing technologies, practices, and other resources?

Take a look at this video and see what it does for you.

Engage your team in helping identify new, effective uses for the resources you already have at your disposal. This can prove to be a real boon to your company.